Resident     Non-resident


EXCLUSIVE RIGHT of burial in a grave space                

8ft (2438mm) x 4ft  (1219mm) in perpetuity in the               £140.00          £690.00

Extension Cemetery                                                               


EXCLUSIVE RIGHT of a 18” (450mm)  x

18” (450mm) Plot in the Garden of Remembrance                £140.00          £570.00

 in perpetuity                                                                          



Stillborn child or person whose age at time

Of death did not exceed one month                                       No fee            £25.00


Person whose age at time of death exceeded one

Month, but did not exceed 16 years                                       £26.00            £52.00



Person whose age at death exceeded Sixteen years                £100.00           £784.00


Interment of cremated remains in existing grave                    £100.00           £255.00


CEMETERY - Monuments, Gravestones, Tablets etc.     £70.00            £210.00

The maximum measurements of any Headstone, Tablet etc.

 for which permission has been granted, is 4'6" (1370mm)

 high by 2'6" (760mm) wide


GARDEN OF REMEMBRANCE - Plaques                     £60.00           £210.00

The maximum measurement of any plaque is 18”

(450mm) x 18” (450mm) And must be laid

flat 1" (25mm) below ground level


All inscriptions to face the East


The above charges do not include Grave Digger's or Vicar's fees.


The Parish Council is responsible for the maintenance of the Cemetery, and request that the Cemetery and Garden of Remembrance Guidance and Rules are adhered to.


Amended from Tuesday 13th June 2017


South Cave Cemetery Rules



By 1872 the churchyard at All Saint’s Church had become overcrowded. Charles Edward Gee Barnard of Cave Castle donated land 
(1 acre & 1 rood) for a new burial ground which was consecrated in 1873. It was under the control of a burial board of seven members. From c1910 the cemetery was administered by the parish council. The ground was extended in 1967 and again a further extension was consecrated in 2011.

The chapel was designed by Smith & Brodrick of Hull in decorated style with red brick dressing. It was built by Thomas Goodwill, a local builder, at a cost of £800. It has unusual red acorn roof tiles, an apsidal east end and bell turret at the west end. The first interment in the cemetery was of William Thompson aged 7 months. Sadly over the years, as the chapel was no longer used for funeral services, it fell into a poor state of repair and became the target of vandals. However, a group of volunteers formed the Friends of South Cave Cemetery Chapel and raised funds for restoration work. This was carried out over a period of several years with summer concerts and Christmas Carol services being held in the chapel. It is a listed building. But without electricity, water or sanitary arrangements its use is limited.

The lychgate,  also by Smith & Brodrick, was restored early in the C21st.

The Victorian brass bell which tolled at burials was stolen from the chapel bell turret some years ago. However, it mysteriously re-appeared at the back of a cupboard in the Town Hall in 1992 having been painted black. A parish councillor had the bell restored and it is now on show in the Town Hall Chamber. The table from the chapel is now in All Saint’s Church in front of the organ.

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