15th December 2008



The Meeting of South Cave Parish Council took place in the Town Hall, 42 Market Place, South Cave commencing at 7:00pm


Present:                                     Cllrs M Turner, Kelly, Harrison (Chairman), Lenton, Jamieson, Manley, Scott and L Turner

                                                 Ward Councillors Galbraith and Smith

                        Mrs K R Richmond – Clerk

                        PC S Bagley


  Public Forum

  There were no matters brought forward.


2401208 Apologies for absence

Cllr Manley proposed that apologies be accepted from Cllrs Barnett, Green and Marsh, seconded Cllr Turner, All in favour.


2411208 Ward Councillors Reports (For Information Only)

Cllr Galbraith reported that the unitary authority had been classified as “excellent” by central government, which should have a financial benefit. He also reported that in light of recent events elsewhere in the country, the Social Services Dept were checking on processes and procedures regarding child care. Figures were requested for South Cave Parish.


2421208 Approval of Previous Meeting’s Minutes

Cllr Lenton proposed that the minutes of the meeting of 17th November 2008 be approved and entered into records, as a true and accurate record, seconded Cllr Manley, All in favour


2431208 Declarations of Interest

Cllr Scott declared a personal interest in Minute Ref: 2471208(vi) due to membership of the organisation

Cllrs Manley and L Turner declared a personal interest in Minute Ref: 2471208 (iv) due to membership of the organisation


2441208 Police Matters

(i)PC Bagley reported that there had been a number of crimes within South Cave including: one damage to vehicle, two burglary other, five thefts (including two “for sale” signs) and two criminal damage, including incidents at the school. PC Bagley also warned about postal scams, eg re-arranging delivery for non-existent parcels through a premium rate phone call. Any incidents should be reported to the Police. He also gave an update on Operation Saracen.





2451208 Committees

(i)The Council received and where necessary, adopted the resolutions from within the minutes of the following committee meetings:

                         Finance & Gen Policy – 1st Dec 2008

Cllr Turner proposed that the minutes from the committee meetings be adopted in the interests of sound management of the Council, seconded Cllr Manley, All in favour.


2461208    Finance

  (i)Items for payment for December 2008




















Yorkshire Water



Protech Signs



F Harrison









R Sheppard



C Langley



Family Centre








Cllr Manley proposed that these items be paid on the grounds of sound financial management of the Council, seconded Cllr L Turner, All in favour.

(ii)Councillors received a copy of the draft budget for further consideration. This matter to be discussed at a meeting to be held on 5th January 2009.


2471208  Correspondence

(i)The Council considered submissions to the ERYC Overview and Scrutiny Committee, with Cllr Lenton proposing road maintenance service delivery, communications and enforcement, seconded Cllr Turner, All in favour.

(ii)Councillors received  letters of thanks from:

(a)             The Royal British Legion

(b)             Boothferry Citizens Advice Bureau

(iii)Councillors received an invitation from Commodore John Madgewick OBE Royal Navy to a presentation at the Cave Castle Hotel on 13th January 2009, at 7:00pm, with Cllrs M Turner, Kelly, Jamieson and the Clerk to attend.

(iv)The Council noted the minutes of the South Cave In Bloom Association meeting held on 12th November 2008

(v)Councillors noted a letter re change of name from East Yorkshire PCT (now NHS East Riding of Yorkshire)

(vi)The Council noted receipt of the minutes of the South Cave Preservation Society meeting of 3rd December 2008. Copies of the minutes are to be forwarded to Councillors for their information.




2481208  Administration

        (i)The Council received a report regarding the South Cave Heritage Trail

        (ii)Councillors considered the South Cave Arts Festival and were advised that there had been no response from the article in the Newsletter. The Clerk is to inform the resident accordingly.


2491208  Consultations

Cllr Lenton proposed that the response to the Code of Conduct for local authority members and employees consultation document, be made as per the report with a minor amendment, seconded Cllr Harrison, All in favour.


2501208  Newsletter

(i)The Council considered several articles for the January edition of the newsletter. Information regarding the Open Meeting to be held on 17th February 2009 at the Family Centre will be part of the Chairman’s Report


2511208        Planning

        (i)DC/08/05277/PLF/WESTES – Full Planning Permission

        Erection of 2 no dwellings and creation of new vehicular and pedestrian access and associated works (resubmission of 08/03298/PLF) at land south of 1 Brough Road, South Cave for Mr De Cobain. Cllr Lenton proposed that whilst there has been a reduction in size of the two proposed dwellings, concerns have not been eliminated regarding the increased traffic accessing Brough Road, and the loss of tree stock, seconded Cllr Harrison, vote: 7 in favour 1 abstention.

        (ii)DC/08/04187/PLF/WESTES/TR – Full Planning Permission

        Erection of two storey extension to rear and erection of detached double garage following demolition of existing (resubmission of 07/07578/PLF – Amended Plans) at 39 Beverley Road, South Cave for Mr and Mrs Brooker. Cllr L Turner proposed that the Parish Council raise no objection to the proposal as it has no adverse effect on the property, neighbouring properties or the street scene, seconded Cllr Manley, vote: 7 in favour 1 abstention.


2521208  Date of next Meeting

The date of the next Parish Council Meeting will be Monday 19th January 2009