15th November 2010


The Meeting of South Cave Parish Council took place in the Town Hall, Market Place, South Cave commencing at 7:00pm


Present:            Cllrs Harrison (Chair), Barnett, M Turner, L Turner, Lenton, Kelly, Manley,

                        Munby, Jamieson and Wright

                        Mrs K Cooper – Clerk

                        Ward Councillors – Tony Galbraith & Pat Smith

                        Police – 1 PCSO


Public Forum

    (i)Parking problems and the state of the grass area in Nunnery Walk were reported.

    (ii)There are weeds showing through the new footpath in Northfield Close.

    (iii)It was noted that there are now 11 hangers and a static caravan at the airfield at

    Mount Airy. The Clerk is to get a copy of the Planning Consent for the Council.

    (iv)Swinescaife Quarry – Is it still used and will it ever be put back to its original

    condition.  The Clerk is to contact ERYC and obtain what conditions were attached to

    the Planning Consent.


5361110  Apologies for absence

                Cllr Manley proposed that apologies be accepted from Cllr Marsh, Seconded Cllr

                L Turner, All in favour.


5371110  Ward Councillors Reports (For Information Only)

                Ward Councillor Tony Galbraith:

                (i)ERYC spending review – ERYC have now confirmed a £30m reduction to be spread

    over 4 years, with a £15m cut in the first year.  To help with this, ERYC had a £10m

    under spend on their previous budget and are looking to reduce Planning

    Consultancy work and ending temporary contracts.

    (ii)Elloughton-cum-Brough Parish Council and Welton Parish Council have received

    outline planning details for a 10 year building project south of the railway lines from

    Redrow/Horncastle builders.

    (iii)A new East Riding initiative called ‘Teller Once’ from Central/Local Government

    is to be introduced whereby once a birth or death has been registered, other

    departments/organisations should be advised automatically.

    (iv)The A63 is to be closed each evening from tonight until December whilst

    patching/resurfacing work is undertaken.  


5381110   Approval of Previous Meetings Minutes, 18th October 2010

                 Cllr Munby proposed that the minutes of the meeting of 18th October 2010 be

     approved and entered into the records, as a true and accurate record, seconded Cllr

     Lenton,  All in favour.


5391110   Matters Arising

                 There were no matters arising.



5401110   Declarations of Interest           

There were no Declarations of Interest.


5411110   Police Matters

                 (i)PCSO Danny Cammack was in attendance and reported 15 crimes for


     3 criminal damage, 1 theft in a dwelling, 3 thefts elsewhere, 1 going equipped for

     stealing, 1 theft from a motor vehicle, 1 harassment, 2 thefts from a shop, 1 making

     off without payment, 1 production of a cannabis plant and 1 robbery.

     (ii)It was mentioned to the Police that there had again been problems at the School

     with the Farmers Market Stalls being vandalised overnight on Friday evening.


5421110   Committees

                 The Council received and where necessary adopted the resolutions from within the

     minutes of the following committee meetings:

                 Planning & Technical Committee  – 11th October 2010

                 Open Spaces Committee – 11th October 2010

     Proposed Cllr Manley, Seconded Cllr Kelly, All in favour.


5431110   ERYC Planning Notices

     (i)DC/10/01415/PLF/WESTES  -  Erection of conservatory and pitched roof over

     existing flat roof to rear at 18 Cleaves Avenue, South Cave.

     The Council noted that an appeal has been made to the Planning Inspectorate in

     respect of the above development application.


5441110    Planning – Current Plans to consider

                  (i)DC/10/04056/PLF/WESTES – Full Planning Permission

      Erection of modular building at HM Prison Everthorpe, Beck Road, South Cave for

      HM Prison Service.

                  Cllr M Turner proposed that the Parish Council raise no objection to the proposal as

      it has no adverse effect on surrounding properties or the Street Scene.  The Parish

      Council would like to recommend that a condition be included that drainage details

      be submitted and approved by the local drainage authority before commencement of

      the building, Seconded Cllr Munby, All in favour. 

                  (ii)DC/10/04450/PLF/WESTES – Full Planning Permission

      Retrospective Planning Application for the retention of portable office building at

      Xtragas, Stonepit Road, South Cave for Xtragas Ltd.

                  Cllr M Turner proposed that the Parish Council raise no objection to the proposal as it

      has no adverse effect on the property, neighbouring properties, the street scene or the

      public footpath, Seconded Cllr Barnett, All in favour.





Initialled .............




5451110   Correspondence

(i)The Council noted the minutes of the South Cave Preservation Society War Memorial Working Party and Management Committee meetings, 6th October 2010.

(ii)The Council noted the minutes of the Haltemprice & Hunsley LAT meeting, 1st October 2010.

(iii)The Council noted the ERYC update on tackling Anti Social Behaviour in our   local Communities.

(iv)The Council noted the East Riding Parish News, November 2010.

(v)The Council noted the letter received from Infrastructure Planning Commission regarding proposed offshore Wind Farm at Dogger Bank.

(vi)The Council noted the free Big Society and Localism event on 25th November 2010 at Sledmere Village Hall at 12noon.

(vii)The Council noted receipt of ERYC Local Precept request letter for 2011/12.

(viii)The Council noted the letter received from ERYC regarding Disabled Persons Parking Place.


5461110   Finance

                 (i)Items for payment for November 2010










A Gratton

War Memorial


John Gilroy Signwriting

Roll of Honour refurbishment


Playsafety Ltd

RoSPA annual inspection



2011 Elections Course


C Langley

FM Caretaker


I Donkin

FM Stalls






IT Antivirus Protection (2 years)


Stafforce Ltd

Footway sweeper


Petty Cash



IT Spectrum

Stationery/Staples for photocopier


J Ellerker

Annual Contract work


Mr R Sheppard

Newsletter delivery


Mkt Wtn United Charities

Mkt Wtn Poor Land Allotment Rent





(i)Cllr Manley proposed that these items be paid on the grounds of sound financial

management of the Council, Seconded Cllr Kelly, All in favour.


5471110   ERNLLCA/SLCC

                 (i)The Council noted the ERNLLCA Newsletter, October 2010.

     (ii)The Council noted the letter received from Society of Local Council Clerks.

     (iii)The Council noted the e-mail received from ERNLLCA regarding the

     Government decision on the Council Tax scheme and Parish & Town Councils.





Initialled .............


5481110   Trees

                 (i)Decision - App No: 10/60125/TPO – removal of 2 branches and trim tree in

     woodland at 27 The Parklands, South Cave  -  Permission granted.

     The Council noted the ERYC Decision on the above Tree Works.


5491110   The Council noted the date of the next Parish Council Meeting – Monday 20th

                 December 2010.