16th November 2009


The Meeting of South Cave Parish Council took place in the WI Hall, Church Street, South Cave commencing at 7:00pm


Present:             Cllrs Barnett (Vice-Chair), Manley, M Turner, L Turner, Wright and Kelly

        Ward Councillors Tony Galbraith and Rita Hudson

                        Mrs K Cooper – Clerk

                         5 members of the public

Public Forum

It has been noticed that piles of tiles/brickwork have been left on the grass verges at West End and Church Street for over 18 months. The matter is be brought to ERYC Highways attention.

The Caravan Site at Willow Flats is beginning to look untidy/unsightly.  ERYC Enforcement Officer is to be advised.

Could the Blue Recycle Bin at the Car Park/Tennis Court be removed and also the

bottle banks at the same site, could they be moved to the other side of the car park as it is felt that they are becoming a danger.  This is to be discussed at the next Open Spaces Committee meeting.

The Sports & Social Recreation Society has confirmed that walking clubs will be able to use their new car park upon completion.


3851109   Apologies for absence

     Cllr M Turner proposed that apologies be accepted from Cllrs Harrison, Lenton,

     Marsh and Munby, Seconded Cllr Manley, All in favour.


3861109   Ward Councillors Reports (For Information Only)

                 Ward Cllr Galbraith reported that:

                 ERYC are introducing the next stage of the Brown Bin recycling which is due to start

     in December in Brough and Welton.  Residents will be able to recycle cardboard and

     kitchen food waste (a kitchen tidy is to be provided) in the Brown Bins.  This is to be

     trailed for 9 months.

     Ward Cllr Hudson reported that the yellow lines in Market Place outside number 75

     are to be removed after a visit from ERYC.


3871109    Approval of Previous Meetings Minutes, 19th October 2009     

                  Cllr L Turner proposed that the minutes of the meeting of 19th October 2009 be

                  approved and accepted as a true record, Seconded Cllr Kelly, All in favour.


3881109    Matters Arising

                  There were no matters arising.


3891109   Declarations of Interest    

     There were no Declarations of Interest.



3901109   Police Matters

                 There were no Police in attendance but PC Shaun Bagley had forwarded his report

                 which confirmed that 21 crimes have been reported in the area between 19th October

                 and 16th November 2009;  1 criminal damage, 6 thefts (other), 2 burglary (other), 4

                 vehicle related crime, 2 assaults, 1 fraud and forgery, 4 drug related crime and 1 other.


3911109   Planning

                 The meeting was closed at 7.25pm for 2 members of the public to address the

                 Council with their objections to the following proposal.  The meeting was

                 re-opened at 7.30pm.

     DC/09/04197/PLF/WESTES – Full Planning Permission

     Erection of two storey extension to front (Amended Scheme of 09/02016/PLF) at

     15 Castle Farm Court, Church Hill, South Cave for Mr J Barker.

     Cllr Wright proposed that the Parish Council recommend refusal of this

     application as whilst the increased roof height has been addressed after ERYC’s

     refusal, the scale, dominance and massing of the proposal is still considered to be an

     overdevelopment of the existing medium sized property and will have an adverse

     effect on the preservation of the character and appearance of the conservation area

     and neighbouring properties, Seconded Cllr M Turner, All in favour.

     The meeting was closed at 7.40pm for 2 members of the public to address the

     Council with their objections to the following proposal.  The meeting was

     re-opened at 7.45pm. 

     DC/09/04275/PLF/WESTES – Full Planning Permission

     Erection of single storey extensions to front and side, erection of extension to existing

     garage and demolition of existing outbuilding at Dormy Cottage, 48 Pinfold, South

     Cave for Mr N Thornton.

     Cllr Wright proposed that whilst the Parish Council have no objection to the side

     extension, they would recommend refusal of this application.  The plans do not show

     the proximity of the neighbouring properties and the incongruous addition at the front

     of the property is too large and considered to be out of character. It will have an

     adverse effect on the heritage of this conservation area.  If this application is

     approved by ERYC, the Parish Council would recommend that this extension should

     be built in stone to match the rest of the barn, together with a condition that in order to

     protect the large Horse Chestnut, no mechanical digging should be allowed around the

     roots/spread of the tree, Seconded Cllr Kelly, All in favour. 


3921109   Correspondence  

     (i)The Council noted receipt of the minutes for the Haltemprice and Hunsley LAT

     meeting held on 6 October 2009.

     (ii)The Council noted the South Cave Preservation Society minutes for meetings held

     on 5th August 2009, 16th September 2009 and 7th October 2009.

     (iii)The Council noted the minutes of the South Cave Preservation Society War

     Memorial Working Party meeting held on 14th October 2009.

     (iv)The Council noted ERYC temporary road closure Public Notices in respect of

     Crabley Creek Level Crossing overnight on 16th January 2010 and 1st February 2010.

     (v)The Council noted a letter received from ERYC regarding Footway Lighting

     Maintenance Agreements for 2010/11.



     (vi)The Council noted the completion of the Contract of Guarantee in respect of South

     Cave Social and Recreational Trust re new sports pavilion.

     (vii)The Council noted ERYC Street Trading Policy review.

     (viii)The Council noted ERYC Overview and Scrutiny Committees Annual Work

     Programme for 2010/11.

     (ix)The Council noted ERYC Budget Conference at Bridlington Spa on 23rd

       November 2009.  Cllr A Kelly is to attend.

     (x)The Council noted a copy letter received from Mrs Steel.

     (xi)The Council noted a copy letter received from Mr Coates

     (xii)The Council noted an e-mail/letter received from Mrs Robinson regarding lack of

     facilities for teenagers and dangerous fencing.  The Clerk is to respond.

     (xiii)The Council noted an e-mail/letter received from Mr Shepherdson regarding

     dog mess along the golf course public footpath.  ERYC have been contacted and

     fouling signs are to be provided.

 (xiv)The Council noted and discussed a letter received from Mr Newby regarding

 Ferry Beck. Cllr M Turner proposed that the Clerk write to the Environment Agency and respond to Mr Newby regarding the beck along Moors Lane, Seconded Cllr L Turner, All in favour.

     (xv)The Council noted a letter received from Ms Edwards regarding the lack of

     lighting at the bus stops along Sands Lane.  This matter is to be discussed at the next

     meeting of the Technical Services Committee.

(xvi)The Council noted the LCAS Bulletin no. 24 for autumn 2009.


3931109  Finance

                (i)Items for payment for November 2009










Petty Cash



David Smith

Fireplace repairs


Mr S Vincent

Garage Rent


Mr R Sheppard

Newsletter Delivery



Town Hall Building Regulations


Harrison Tree Care

King George V Field work





Mr J Ellerker

Annual Contract Work



Footway Sweeper


Kompan Ltd

New Playpark Equipment


Vale Developments

Town Hall Works


Mrs K Cooper

Travel Expenses


Cllr A Kelly

Travel Expenses






Councillor Training



Ord Survey Map – Cemetery


C Langley

Farmers Market – Caretaker


I Donkin

Farmers Market – Stalls







(i)Cllr M Turner proposed that these items be paid on the grounds of sound financial management of the Council, seconded Cllr Barnett, All in favour.



                The Council noted the ERNLLCA Newsletter for October 2009.


3951109  The Council noted the date of next Parish Council Meeting – Monday 21st  December 2009.