19th April 2010


The Meeting of South Cave Parish Council took place in the Town Hall, Market Place, South Cave commencing at 7:00pm


Present:            Cllrs Harrison (Chair), Barnett, M Turner, L Turner, Lenton, Kelly, Manley and


        Ward Councillor – Pat Smith

                        Mrs K Cooper – Clerk

                        4 members of the public

        1 Special Community Police Constable

Public Forum

(i)The Caravan Site along Willow Flats is still a mess – ERYC should have now served

an Untidy Land Notice.  The Clerk is to follow up with Stephen Watson the ERYC

Enforcement Officer to confirm what action is being taken.

(ii)A resident has reported that the Public Right of Way has been blocked/taken away by

ERYC taking out the stile between Bull Pasture and the Sports Centre.  The Clerk is to

contact the PROW Officer.

(iii)The removal of the stiles along the footpath along Northfield Close to Everthorpe is

causing concern due to motorcyclists now using the path.

(iv)Could we check with ERYC about the agreed planting scheme around ‘Sunnydene’

as this does not appear to have been done.

(v)The house on the corner of Jobsons Close and Pinfold is for sale.  Can the lease for

the land that was taken over by the current residents now be revoked in order to gain

access to the beck.


4510410  Apologies for absence

    Cllr L Turner proposed that apologies be accepted from Cllrs Munby and Marsh,

    Seconded Cllr Manley, All in favour.


4520410  Ward Councillors Reports (For Information Only)

                Ward Cllr Pat Smith:

Cllr Smith gave apologies for Ward Cllrs Galbraith and Hudson who were unable to attend.

The only concern raised by Cllr Smith is the Caravan Site down Willow Flats.


4530410   Approval of Previous Meetings Minutes, 15th March 2010

                 Cllr Lenton proposed that the minutes of the meeting of 15th March 2010 be

     approved and entered into records, as a true and accurate record, seconded Cllr

     Manley, Vote: 7 for, 1 abstention due to Councillor not been present at the meeting.








4540410   Matters Arising

                 (i)The Footpath to the rear of Barnards Drive – to diarise to check that ERYC put in

     place the proposed Definitive Map Modification Order.

                 (ii)Upon receipt of the paperwork from ERYC, a sub-committee meeting be organised

                 regarding the ERYC Greenfield Policy and Mr Rob Kingdom invited to attend.

                 (iii)The Clerk to contact the Company again regarding the Village Entry Signs.

                 (iv)As we have still not heard from ERYC regarding the tree replanting scheme and

                 the outstanding trees mentioned in previous correspondence, Ward Councillor Pat

                 Smith was asked if she could help with a response from ERYC.


4550410   Declarations of Interest           

There were no declarations of interest.


4560410   Police Matters

                 One Special Community PC’s was in attendance to give a report and confirmed that

                  the crime statistics reported for South Cave during the period 15th March 2010 to 18th

                          April 2010 showed 3 crimes;  2 damage to property, Golf Club and Notice Board and

                  1 theft from a property.


4570410   Committees

                 (i)Cllr Manley proposed that the Council receive and where necessary adopt the

                 resolutions from within the minutes of the following committee meetings:

                 Planning & Technical Services Committee – 8th March 2010

     Open Spaces Committee – 8th March 2010

     Seconded Cllr Barnett, All in favour.


4580410   Planning

                 The meeting was closed at 7.25pm for the applicant to address the Council

                 regarding the next planning application.  The meeting reconvened at 7.28pm.

                 (i)DC/10/01146/PLF/WESTES - Full Planning Permission

     Erection of a dwelling at Land North of 91 Beverley Road, South Cave for Mr & Mrs


     Cllr L Turner proposed that the Parish Council raise no objections to the application

     as it has no adverse effect on the Street Scene or the neighbouring properties,

     Seconded Cllr Kelly, Vote: 7 in favour, 1 abstention.

     (ii)DC/10/00850/PLF/WESTES – Full Planning Permission

                 Change of use from car sales to furniture retail at South Cave Car Sales, Sands Lane

                 for Julia Jewitt

                 Cllr Barnett proposed that the Parish Council raise no objections to the application

                 as it has no adverse effect on the property, the neighbouring properties or the Street

                 Scene, Seconded Cllr L Turner, All in favour.


4590410   Correspondence

     (i)The Council noted the South Cave Preservation Society Management Committee

     minutes of 3rd March 2010.

     (ii)The Council noted the Haltemprice and Hunsley Local Action Team minutes of

     26th February 2010.

     (iii)The Council noted the ERYC Flood Liaison Group minutes of 5th February 2010.



     (iv)The Council noted the Humberside Police & Partners Community Forum minutes

     for 3rd December 2009.

     (v)The Council noted the response received from ERYC regarding the Path to the rear

     of Barnards Drive, South Cave.

     (vi)The Council noted the letter of thanks received from Hull Animal Welfare Trust.

     (vii)The Council noted the letter of thanks from Sophia & Elizabeth Barnard Trust.

     (viii)The Council noted the letter of thanks from Sue Ryder Care.

     (ix)The Council noted the letter of thanks from Marie Curie Cancer Care.

     (x)The Council noted the South Cave CE School Headteachers newsletter for March


     (xi)The Council noted the ERYC Parish News for March 2010.

 (xii)The Council noted the letter and report from ERYC regarding Car Parking

 Review Panels key findings and recommendations.


4600410  Finance

                (i)Items for payment for April 2010











Yorkshire Water

Town Hall


Stafforce Ltd

Footway Sweeper


Came & Company

Annual Insurance






Quarterly PAYE/NI



Annual Business Rates – Town Hall



Annual Business Rates – Cemetery



Salt Bin Refill 2009/10


Kingston Coms




Annual Subscription


SC Soc & Rec Comm

Play Park Annual Rent



New Flag


I Donkin

FM Stalls & Bus Shelter repairs


C Langley

FM Caretaker


South Cave School

Rent for Farmers Market Jan – June


Mr Vincent

Garage Rent


Cllr A Kelly

Travel Expenses


Cllr M Turner

Vacuum Cleaner & Trees


Petty Cash







(i)Cllr Harrison proposed that until the Town Hall internal works are completed satisfactorily and a date for the external glass to be fitted is confirmed, the Council withhold any more payments to Vale Developments, all other items be paid on the grounds of sound financial management of the Council, seconded Cllr Kelly, All in favour.






    (ii)To resolve that the Council in accordance with its power under s137 & 139 of the

    Local Government Act 1972 should incur the following expenditure which, in the

    opinion of the Council, is in the interests of the area, or its inhabitants and will benefit

    them in a manner commensurate with the expenditure:

    (a)A grant for Caves Festival of Literature & Arts.

    Cllr Kelly proposed that a cheque for £250 be sent, Seconded Cllr Lenton, All in



4610410   Administration

                 (i)The Parish Council noted and discussed the letters received regarding Flood relief

     scheme, West End, South Cave.  Cllr M Turner is to liaise with Martin Clarke the

     Land Drainage Engineer at ERYC to discuss the issues raised.   

     (ii)The Parish Council noted and accepts the ERYC proposed 40mph Speed Limit

     Extension along the A1034 Station Road, South Cave.


4620410   ERNLLCA/SLCC

                 (i)The Parish Council noted the ERNLLCA newsletter for March 2010.


4630410   The Parish Council noted the date of next Parish Council Meeting – Monday 17th May 2010.