16th March 2009


The Meeting of South Cave Parish Council took place in the Town Hall, 42 Market Place, South Cave commencing at 7:00pm


Present:                                     Cllrs M Turner, Kelly, Barnett, Harrison (Chair), Lenton, Jamieson, Scott and L Turner

                                                 Ward Councillor Smith

                                     Mr S Devey – ERYC Trees and Landscaping

                                                 Mr R Sheppard

                                     Mr Charles Green

                        Mrs K R Richmond – Clerk



  Public Forum

 (i)Nuisance problems are being experienced by residents from off-road motor cyclists on an adjacent field.

(ii)It was noted that the bonfire site on Bull Pasture had not been rectified. The Clerk to organise

(iii)Mr Sheppard advised the Council that the “Billy Goat” machine was working well and had been a great asset during last autumn.


2790309 Apologies for absence

Cllr L Turner proposed that apologies be accepted from Cllrs Manley and Marsh, seconded Cllr M Turner, All in favour.


2800309 Ward Councillors Reports (For Information Only)

Ward Cllr Smith advised that ERYC were bringing forward capital projects, including the improvements to the A164 road, and social housing.


2810309 Approval of Previous Meeting’s Minutes

Cllr Scott proposed that the minutes of the meeting of 16th February 2009 be approved and entered into records, as a true and accurate record, seconded Cllr Lenton, All in favour.


2820309 Declarations of Interest

 (i)Cllr L Turner declared a personal interest in Minute ref: 2880309(iii) due to membership of the charity

(ii)Cllr Scott declared a personal interest in Minute ref 2870309 (ii) due to membership of the organisation.


2830309 Police Matters

(i)There were no police in attendance to give a report. A letter is to be sent to the Inspector asking for representation at the meetings.





2840309 Presentation by Mr S Devey, ERYC Officer regarding tree works pilot scheme

              Mr Devey advised that the department was aware of shortcomings regarding follow-up and enforcement, and that a new pilot scheme was being rolled out. It was felt that it would be beneficial to South Cave if we were to be part of the pilot scheme, and so agreed. A list of required replacement trees is to be forwarded to the Parish Council in the autumn.


2850309 Committees

(i)The Council received and where necessary, adopted the resolutions from within the minutes of the following committee meetings:

Planning Committee: 9th February 2009

                         Emergency Committee: 2nd March 2009

                         Finance & Gen Purposes Committee: 12th March 2009 (to be tabled)

             Proposed Cllr M Turner, seconded Cllr Lenton, vote: 7 in favour 1 abstention


2860309    Finance

  (i)Items for payment for March 2009











Cllr Kelly

Travel Exps





Sands Lane Nursery

Stall Assembly



Land Rent


Cllr Scott

FM Sign posts


J Lowe

Heritage T Design


Yorks Water



Family Centre






R Sheppard



Petty Cash



C Langley



G Chapman






Hosting Systems








Cllr Scott proposed that these items be paid on the grounds of sound financial management of the Council, seconded Cllr Kelly, All in favour.

(ii)Due to incompatibility of software, councillors decided to take the risk assessments for the year 2009/10 at the April meeting of the Council

(iii)Cllr Turner proposed that the renewal of insurance with AON Insurance Company due on 1st April 2009 should be resolved in the interests of fulfilling legal obligations, seconded Cllr Barnett, vote: 7 in favour 1 abstention.





(iv)The Council noted a letter from the Sophia and Elizabeth Barnard Trust and another from a resident re the Town Hall,  with Cllr Harrison proposing that the letters be acknowledged and duly noted, seconded Cllr Barnett, all in favour.

(iii)To resolve that the Council in accordance with its power under S137 & 139 of the Local Government Act 1972 should incur the following expenditure which, in the opinion of the Council, is in the interests of the area, or its inhabitants and will benefit them in a manner commensurate with the expenditure:

 (a)donation of £150 to the Caves U3A for the local history exhibition, proposed Cllr L Turner, seconded Cllr M Turner, All in favour

(b) a donation of £250 to the Caves Festival of Literature & the Arts, proposed Cllr Lenton, seconded Cllr Kelly, All in favour.


2870309  Correspondence

(i)The Council noted a letter of thanks from Sue Ryder Homes

(ii)Councillors noted the minutes of the South Cave Preservation Society Committee meeting of 4th February 2009

(iii)The Council considered completion of the Rough Sleeping with East Riding of Yorkshire questionnaire and noted that as far as they were aware there were none.

(iv)Councillors noted the details for the Yorkshire Wolds Heritage Trust AGM


2880309  Administration

        (i)The Council consider quotation for the updating and webhosting for the parish council website, and in the interests of obtaining best value for money, Cllr Barnett proposed that further quotations be obtained, seconded Cllr Scott, All in favour.

        (ii)The Council noted a report regarding the Parish Council Open Event confirming that it had been a worthwhile event.

        (iii)Cllr Lenton proposed that the Council appoint Cllr Barnett as a representative to the Sophia & Elizabeth Barnard Trust, seconded Cllr Harrison, All in favour.

        (iv)Councillors discussed a request for loan of market stalls to Cave Castle Fun Day, with Cllr L Turner proposing that providing the stalls were assembled by the contractor, for health and safety reasons, 10 stalls should be loaned, seconded Cllr Lenton, All in favour.

        (v)The Council considered a report re the power of well-being and considered a request for a joint training event with Newbald Parish Council. In the interests of keeping the Council fully informed, Cllr Lenton proposed that the offer of a joint training event be accepted, seconded Cllr Jamieson, vote: six in favour 2 against.

        (vi)Councillors noted arrangements for the Parish Spring Clean 18th April 2009 at 9:30am at the Town Hall

        (vii)The Council considered the quotation for Floodsax with Cllr Turner proposing that an article be put in the Parish Council newsletter asking for the views of residents regarding the supply of these alternative sand bags, seconded Cllr Harrison, All in favour.


2890309 Annual Parish Meeting

(i)It was noted that the Annual Parish Meeting would take place on 23rd April at the WI Hall, and that agendas were being delivered to the community as a page in the newsletter.





(i)The Council noted a report on the Clerk’s attendance at the Practitioners Conference

        (ii)In order to increase the knowledge base of Council, Cllr Harrison proposed that Cllr Kelly attend the ERNLLCA Spring Conference 4th April 2009 at the Ropewalk, Barton at a cost of £38 plus travel, seconded Cllr M Turner, All in favour.


2910309  Date of next Meeting

The date of the next Parish Council Meeting will be Monday 20th April 2009