6th April 2009


The Meeting of South Cave Parish Council took place in the Town Hall, 42 Market Place, South Cave commencing at 8:00pm


Present: Cllrs Harrison (Chair), Barnett, Kelly, L Turner, Manley, Lenton, M Turner, and R Scott

              Mrs K Richmond - Clerk


2920409 Apologies for absence

              Cllr Scott proposed that apologies be received from Cllrs Marsh and Jamieson, seconded         Cllr Manley, All in favour.


2930409 Declarations of Interest

  There were no declarations of interest


2940409 Town Hall

(i)The Council discussed a letter regarding the legal aspects of the emergency exit route for the Town Hall from Horncastle Group PLC. Cllr Harrison proposed that the terms are acceptable in principle and that the Clerk advise Horncastle Group PLC, seconded Cllr Scott, All in favour.

(ii)Councillors noted that the grant bid to WREN was unsuccessful

(iii)The Council received and discussed the report regarding the financial requirements for the works to the Town Hall. Cllr Manley proposed that permission be sought to borrow money; that if approved, a loan be taken out from the Public Works Loan Board on the annuity basis the sum of £128,000 for a period of 25 years, seconded Cllr Scott, vote: 7 in favour 1 against.