17th July 2006



The Meeting of South Cave Parish Council took place in the Town Hall, 42 Market Place, South Cave commencing at 7:00pm


Present:                                     Cllrs Turner, Marsh, Harrison, Mrs Manley (Chair), Mrs Barnett and Mrs Binns

                        Mrs K R Richmond – Clerk

                        PC S Bagley

                        Ward Cllr Kay

                        1 Member of the Public


Public Forum

(i)A question was asked regarding the results of the Post Office stall at the Farmers’ Market.

(ii)The problems regarding the parking on St Katherine’s Drive was brought to the attention of Council


5650706 Apologies for absence

Cllr Turner proposed apologies for absence be accepted from Cllrs Mann, Scott and Lenton, seconded Cllr Mrs Binns

Ward Cllr Hudson

5660706 Ward Councillors Reports (For Information Only)

Ward Cllr Kay reported briefly on the meeting with ERYC Highways officers regarding the double yellow lines on Market Place.

5670706 Approval of Previous Meeting’s Minutes.

Cllr Marsh proposed that the minutes of the meeting of 19th June 2006 be approved and entered into records, as a true and accurate record, seconded Cllr Mrs Binns, All in favour.

5680706 Declarations of Interest

Cllr Mrs Binns declared a personal interest in Minute Reference:5730706(ii) through being a member of the organisation.

Cllr Mrs Manley declared a personal interest in Minute References:5760706(i) and 5780706(i)through being a member of the organisation

5690706 Vandalism

The destructive events of the night of 27/28th June were discussed at length. There is little the Police can do unless notified at the time, and even then calls for service are prioritised. However, it was noted that the Police know who committed the damage, and fixed penalty notices have been given to two of the three for unrelated offences.

5700706 Police Matters

PC Bagley reported that there had been 15 crimes, including 2 thefts from a motor vehicle, 6 damage, 1 burglary, 1 burglary (shed), 1 assault and 2 thefts. This is a relatively low crime rate.  

5710706  Co-option of Councillor

Clerk       (i)The Council considered the application put before them and resolved the co-option of Mr Adam Hardy to the Council as it is considered he will be an asset to the Council, proposed  Cllr Mrs Barnett, seconded Cllr Mrs Manley, All in favour.


5720706    Finance

Clerk       (i)Items for payment for July 2006





M Mews

dd Rent


Npower (gas)



D Broadhurst

Playpark Repairs


M Green

Tree work and planting


Cllr Mann

Travel Expenses - Hull


Wold Trees

Cemetery - removal of tree


Foreward Services






T Hardy



Kingston Coms



L Jones

Distribution (AR & N)








Mr Vincent

Garage rent


Petty Cash






SC In Bloom Assoc



Inland Revenue


























                 Cllr Marsh proposed these items be paid, as not doing so would seriously jeopardise the running of the Council, seconded Cllr Mrs Barnett, All in favour.

(ii)The Council considered further information regarding the grant request made by the Caves U3A. In order to support a local organisation, under S137, Cllr Mrs Barnett proposed that the Parish Council make a grant to the Caves U3A in the sum of £100, and asking the U3A if the Parish Council may borrow the equipment if necessary, seconded Cllr Marsh, All in favour.

5730706  Correspondence

(i)Councillors noted the CAB Annual Report and AGM (20th July 2006 – The Courtyard, Goole)

AM           (ii)The Council considered a request from All Saints Church regarding representation on a steering committee for a Gift-Weekend. Cllr Mrs Binns proposed that in the interests of community cohesion, a representative be appointed, and that it should be Cllr Mann, seconded Cllr Marsh, All in favour.

        (iii)Councillors noted receipt of Humber Management Scheme newsletter

        (iv)The Council noted receipt of the South Cave Preservation Society management committee meeting minutes of 7th June 2006

5740706  Administration

FMC/C  (i)The Council received a report regarding the Health & Safety Seminar and considered    the recommendations. In the interests of the safe running of Parish Council business, the recommendations are to be put into effect, with the appointment of the Responsible Person and the Competent Person being put before Council at the next meeting of the Parish Council, proposed Cllr Marsh, seconded Cllr Harrison, All in favour.


        (i)Councillors considered the Clerk’s attendance at the SLCC National Conference in Plymouth at a cost of £265 plus travel. Due to the long distances and time involved, it was decided not to fund the Clerk’s attendance at this conference this year.

Clerk        (ii)The Council noted the ERNLLCA meeting to be held on 19th July 2006 at South Cave. In the interests of obtaining best value for money, a resolution is to be put forward on behalf of the Central District Committee to investigate the feasibility of merging ERNLLCA with YLCA, proposed Cllr Harrison, seconded Cllr Mrs Barnett, All in favour.

5760706  King George V Playing Field

(i)The Council considered the draft plans put forward by the South Cave In Bloom Association for a sensory garden, and associated grant application, and on the grounds of supporting a local organisation and bringing benefits to the community, Cllr Harrison proposed that the scheme receive the full support of the Parish Council, seconded Cllr Marsh, All in favour.

5770706 Planning & Technical Services Committee

(i)To receive and where necessary adopt the resolutions from within the minutes of the Planning & Technical Services Committee held on 26th June 2006, proposed Cllr Marsh, seconded Cllr Turner, All in favour.

5780706  South Cave In Bloom Association

(i)Councillors noted the minutes of the Association meeting held on 14th June 2006 at the Town Hall.

5790706  Planning

(i)To receive and where necessary adopt the resolutions from within the minutes of the Planning Committee held on 5th June 2006, proposed Cllr Harrison, seconded Cllr Marsh, All in favour.

 (ii)DC/06/04034/PLF/WESTES – Full Planning Permission

Erection of a single storey office extension (resubmission of 06/01034/PLF – amended plans) at Westbridge  Homes Ltd, Annie Med Lane, South Cave for Westbridge Homes Ltd. Cllr Marsh proposed that the Parish Council recommend refusal of this application as the amendments make no material difference to the adverse effect such an application would have on the street scene, and the amenity of surrounding properties, seconded Cllr Turner, vote: 5 in favour 1 against.

(iii)DC/06/04853/PLF/WESTES – Full Planning Permission

Erection of single storey extensions to rear at 17 West Hall Garth, South Cave for Mrs Kemp. Cllr Mrs Binns proposed that the Parish Council raise no objection to this application as it has no adverse effect on the property, neighbouring properties or the street scene, seconded Cllr Marsh, All in favour.

5800706  Date of next Meeting

   To note the date of next Parish Council Meeting – Monday 18th September 2006    (Please note that a meeting of Councillors will be called in August for necessary and urgent business


            Meeting Closed at 8:45pm.