South Cave Parish Council


Planning Meeting 9th November 2009


The Meeting of South Cave Parish Council Planning Committee took place in the WI Hall, South Cave at 7.00pm.


Present:            Cllrs Harrison (Chairman), Mrs Barnett, Mrs Turner, M Turner, Munby, Lenton, Marsh,

Kelly, Mrs Manley and Wright

                        Mrs K Cooper – Clerk


1643   Apologies for absence

 Cllr L Turner proposed that apologies for absence be accepted from Cllr Jamieson, Seconded

 Cllr Kelly, All in favour.


1644   Approval of Previous Meetings’ Minutes (12th October 2009)

Cllr Marsh proposed that the minutes of the previous meetings, with amendment to item 1640 (i) to show that this item was seconded by Cllr B Munby, should be approved and accepted as a true record, seconded Cllr Kelly, All in favour.


1645   Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest.


1646    Notification of withdrawal of application

            (i)DC/09/02685/PLF/WESTES – Erection of a dwelling and integral garage at land

 South West of 49 Water Lane, South Cave for Mr & Mrs Brown.

The Council noted that this application has been withdrawn.


1647    Decisions made by East Riding of Yorkshire Council

            (i)DC/09/02431/PLF/WESTES – The Ridings, 14 The Stray, South Cave – Granted with conditions (Nobj).


1648    Current Plans to consider

            (i)DC/09/03578/PLF/WESTES – Additional Information

            Erection of a dwelling, detached garage and new vehicular access at land South of Netherwolds, 1 Brough Road, South Cave for Mr & Mrs Holroyd.

            Cllr Marsh proposed that the Parish Council accept the Additional Information regarding the detached garage and confirm that this does not affect the Councils original observations regarding the application, Seconded Cllr Barnett, All in favour.

            (ii)DC/09/04149/PLF/WESTES – Full Planning Permission

            Erection of two storey extension to side, single storey extension to rear and dormer windows in roof at rear at 4 Common Road, South Cave for Mr D Hurd.

            Cllr M Turner proposed that the Parish Council raise no objection to the proposal for the extensions as they have no adverse effect on the property itself, neighbouring properties, the street scene or the conservation area, but the Parish Council would like to bring to the attention of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council the proposals for the beck and have an assurance that the flow of the beck will not be impeded in any way by the laying of approx 30m of spun concrete drain and back filling with top soil, Seconded Cllr Lenton, All in favour.






(iii)DC/09/03371/PLB/WESTES – Listed Building Consent

            Installation of a VSAT satellite dish to the rear at Cave News Ltd, 81 Market Place, South Cave for Ms Hazel Clayton.

            Cllr Wright proposed that the Parish Council raise no objection in principal to the VSAT dish, there is, however, inadequate information to reach a decision regarding the cabling and therefore raise an objection on the proposed cable routing, as it is felt that a shorter route could be found to minimise the external visual impact on this grade II listed building within the Conservation Area, Seconded Cllr M Turner, All in favour.


1649    Trees

            (i)App No. STA.6711 – Prune and fell Trees at 26 Wesley Close, South Cave.

            Cllr Barnett proposed that whilst we do not currently have a voluntary tree warden in the Parish and without a detailed justification on the application, the Parish Council would refer the application and decision to the East Riding Tree Warden for their specialist knowledge and validation for the felling of 6 trees, Seconded Cllr Kelly, All in favour.

            (ii)The Council noted Formal Notice of Tree Preservation Order (South Cave No. 42) 2009 at 53 Water Lane, South Cave.