South Cave Parish Council


Planning Meeting 11th June 2007


The Planning Meeting of South Cave Parish Council took place in the Town Hall, Market Place, South Cave at 7.30pm.


Present:            Cllrs Lenton, Harrison, Marsh, Wright, Scott, Kelly, Turner, Mrs Barnett and Mrs Turner

                        Mrs K Richmond – Clerk

                        ERYC Cllr Galbraith

                        3 Members of the public


The three members of the public addressed Council regarding its recommendation made at the previous meeting regarding 72 Beverley Road, South Cave. Councillors, taking note of the representations made, were not inclined to rescind its decision.               


1412  Election of Chairman for this meeting

Cllr Mrs Barnett proposed that Cllr Scott take the Chair due to his previous experience as Chairman, seconded Cllr Marsh, All in favour.         


1413  Apologies for absence

Cllr Mrs Barnett proposed that apologies for absence be accepted from Cllrs Mann and Mrs Manley, seconded Cllr Lenton, All in favour.


1414   Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of 21st May 2007 were signed as a true and correct record proposed CllrMarsh, seconded Cllr Harrison, All in favour.


1415   Declarations of Interest

(i)Cllr Scott declared a prejudicial interest in Minute Reference: due to being a member of the same organisation as the applicant.

(ii)The Council did not declare an interest in Minute Reference: as, although the applicant is a Parish Council contractor, the application had no impact on the contract that relates to stall assembly at the Farmers Market.


1416    Decisions made by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council

(i)DC/06/09959/PLF/WESTES – Full Planning Permission

Erection of dwelling following demolition of existing dwelling (re-submission of 06/05263/plf/)(amended plan) at 38 Northfield Close, South Cave for Mr and Mrs Dearnley – Refused

(ii)DC/07/00900/PLF /WESTES – Full Planning Permission

Erection of single storey extension to rear at  48 West End, South Cave for Mr and Mrs Wordsworth – Approved with conditions

(iii)DC/07/01149/PLF/WESTES – Full Planning Permission

Erection of two storey and single storey extensions and conservatory to rear following demolition of existing outbuildings at 39 Church Street, South Cave for Mr Butler – Approved with conditions.

(iv)Concerns were expressed regarding the amount of time available for the consultation process. Cllr Harrison proposed that the Clerk monitors the number of days available for



comment for applications received for the previous and next three months period before bringing a report back to council, to ensure the full consultation period is being given and to improve the efficiency of the Council, seconded Cllr Lenton, All in favour.


1417   Current plans to consider

(i)DC/07/00856/PLF/WESTES – Full Planning Permission

Retention of agricultural shed and use as farm shop and cafι at Sands Lane Nursery, Sand Lane, South Cave HU15 2JQ for Mr G Badham. Cllr Wright proposed that the Parish Council raise no
objection to the retention of the agricultural shed, but would recommend the limiting of the retail area to 56m2, on the grounds that it has no adverse effect on neighbouring land uses, and no adverse effect on  the vitality and viability of South Cave as a shopping centre; there were concerns raised regarding parking, and would suggest a revised parking layout to address concerns regarding manoeuvring close to the entry and exit point, seconded Cllr Mrs Barnett, All in favour.

1418    Trees

(i)Application 5321(TPO) – fell 2 trees at 5 Brough Road, South Cave. Cllr Wright proposed that the Parish Council recommend refusal of this work, as the trees are mature, healthy, in a highly visible area, and that they provide significant amenity value, seconded Cllr Marsh, All in favour.

(ii)Councillors noted the TPO Order (South Cave 32) at 8 Station Road, South Cave, with Cllr Wright proposing that the Clerk write to ERYC welcoming the decision as it will maintain the tree stock in this sensitive area of the town.

(iii)Decision – App No. 5173 – Plot 1 Beverley Road – permission granted



Meeting closed at 8:15pm