South Cave Parish Council


Planning Meeting 27th August 2008


The Meeting of South Cave Parish Council Planning Committee took place in the Town Hall, Market Place, South Cave at 7.00pm.


Present:            Cllrs Turner, Harrison (Chairman), Scott, Marsh, Lenton, Kelly, Mrs Manley, Mrs Barnett and Mrs Turner

                        Mrs K Richmond – Clerk

                        Four members of the public

                        Ward Cllr Galbraith


1530  Apologies for absence

All members were present


1531   Approval of Previous Meetings’ Minutes (11th August 2008)

Cllr Marsh proposed that the minutes of the previous meeting should be approved and accepted as a true record, seconded Cllr Lenton, All in favour.


1532   Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest.


1533            Correspondence

            (i)The Committee considered attendance at the Planning Parish Council Liaison meetings (max of 3 attendees) with Cllr Harrison attending the Goole meeting, and Cllrs Marsh and Kelly attending the Beverley meeting.


1534           Decisions made by East Riding of Yorkshire Council

 (i)DC/08/02998 – 52 The Stray, South Cave – AWC (NObj)        


1535 Current Plans to consider

(i)DC/08/03498/PLF/WESTES – Full Planning Permission

Erection of 3 no., dwellings and associated works following demolition of existing (revised scheme of 07/06635/plf) at 55 Water Lane, South Cave for Swanhome Developments Cllr Marsh proposed that the Parish Council strongly recommend refusal of this application for the following reasons: this new application does not address the reasons given for recommending refusal of the previous application (07/06635), including overdevelopment of the site, massing and dominance; there is also a considerable slope to the site which would, given the proximity of the proposed dwellings to existing bungalows give a sense of enclosure.  It appears that whilst the number of proposed dwellings has been reduced by one, the ridge height and the footprint of the proposed dwellings has actually increased thereby not addressing the concerns previously raised. The application would also have an adverse effect on the street scene and character of the area, which is one of bungalows, large gardens and open vistas, as per the Village Design Statement pp 6:19:1, 6:19:8 and 5:22:4.  Concerns were also raised regarding: the sewerage treatment plant, because of the fall of the land, this could cause a problem of leakage; access; and a report of a bat roost in the garage at No.55 Water Lane, seconded Cllr Mrs Turner, All in favour.

1536   Trees

(i)App No. 6076 (S211) – fell a tree at 32 Station Road, South Cave. Cllr Marsh proposed that no objections be raised subject to suitable replacement planting, seconded Cllr Lenton All in favour.

(ii)App No.6070 (S211) – prune a tree at 4 Southcote Close, South Cave. Cllr Marsh proposed that no objections be raised subject to agreement with the Tree Officer regarding the extent of the pruning, seconded Cllr Mrs Barnett, All in favour.

(iii)Decision Notice: 6020 – fell a tree at 3 Bacchus Lane, South Cave – permission granted.

(iv)Councillors received a brief report regarding the trees at 1 Brough Road, South Cave


1537  Other Parish Council Matters

(i)The Committee resolved to undertake emergency repairs to the guttering on the Town Hall at a cost of £448.31, proposed Cllr Scott, seconded Cllr Mrs Manley, All in favour.

(ii)In view of the difficulties being experienced by the Clerk, Cllr Kelly proposed that the purchase of the initial phase of the upgrade of the Parish Council IT facilities be undertaken, seconded Cllr Mrs Manley, All in favour.