South Cave Parish Council


Planning Meeting 30th April 2007


The Planning Meeting of South Cave Parish Council took place in the Town Hall, Market Place, South Cave at 7.00pm.


Present:            Cllrs Mann, Lenton, Harrison, Marsh, Wright, Scott, Turner Mrs Manley (Chair), Mrs Barnett and Mrs Binns

                        Mrs K Richmond – Clerk

                        2 Members of the public


1397  Apologies for absence

Cllr Marsh proposed that apologies be accepted from Cllr Hardy, seconded Cllr Mrs Manley, vote: 8 in favour 1 abstention.


1398   Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of 4th April 2007 were signed as a true and correct record proposed Cllr Lenton, seconded Cllr Marsh, All in favour.


1399   Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest.


1400    Correspondence

(i)Councillors considered two letters from residents of Rawdale Close, South Cave regarding the new development on Trinity Fold. It was resolved that the Clerk is to ascertain if there was a gap in the consultation procedure with this application; to require that in future all plans should show the spatial relationship between the proposed development and existing buildings; that the Enforcement Officer is to be contacted again; and that on receipt of his report a meeting be arranged on site to facilitate negotiations, in the interests of acting on behalf of the community, proposed Cllr Wright, seconded Cllr Harrison, All in favour.

(ii)The Committee noted receipt of Parish Councils’ Planning Liaison Meetings summary

(iii)Councillors noted receipt of the adopted document – Local Development Framework, Statement of Community Involvement. The document is to be kept on file for future reference.


1401    Decisions made by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council

(i)DC/07/00710/PLF – Full Planning Permission

Erection of single storey extension to side to provide ground and first floor accommodation and construction of dormer window to front at 1 First Lane, South Cave for C Wauldby– Approved with conditions [NObj]

(ii)DC/07/00022/PCC – Conservation Area Consent

Demolition of existing sheds at 48 West End, South Cave for Rok Design & Build – Approved with conditions [R]

(iii)DC/07/09953/PLF – Full Planning Permission

Erection of no. 1 single storey dwelling and no. 1 two storey dwelling following demolition of existing sheds and conversion and alterations to existing shed to for single storey dwelling (amended scheme 06/06945/plf) at 48 West End, South Cave for Rok Design & Build – Approved with conditions [R]




(iv)DC/07/00485/PLF – Full Planning Permission

Erection of single storey extension at rear at 28 Water Lane, South Cave for J Fordon – Approved with conditions [NObj]

(v)DC/07/00631/PLF – Full Planning Permission

Erection of single storey extensions to side to include solar panels at front (amended plans) at 19 Rawdale Close, South Cave for Mr J Bolton – Approved with conditions  [NObj]


1402        Current plans to consider

(i)DC/07/01679/PLF/WESTES – Full Planning Permission

Conversion of outbuildings to 5 office suites, 5 holiday cottages and agricultural building (amended scheme 06/03834/PLF) at Foxhouse Farm, Drewton Lane, South Cave for Mr C Taylor. Cllr Mrs Manley proposed that the Parish Council, whilst having concerns regarding the access and egress to the site, raise no objection to the application as it is a good use of farm buildings and encouraging the local economy, seconded Cllr Mrs Binns, vote: 5 in favour with 5 against. Chair used casting vote and the resolution was carried. It was duly noted that those who voted against the proposal did so on the grounds that there were reservations regarding the amount of office space within a rural location, as well as concerns over access.  It was also noted that in the DAS, the Humberside Structure Plan was cited, which is to be brought to the LPA’s attention.

(ii)DC/07/01682/PLF/WESTES – Full Planning Permission

Change of use from farm buildings to farm shop, café, conference and ancillary accommodation and construction of means of vehicular access (re-submission of application 06/03835/PLF) at Kettlethorpe Farm, for Mr Taylor. Cllr Wright proposed that the Parish Council, whilst not objecting in principle to the development, would recommend refusal due to serious concerns regarding the access and egress over unbroken white lines in the road, seconded Cllr Mrs Manley, All in favour.


1403    Trees

(i)Councillors noted the formal confirmation of Tree Preservation Order (South Cave No 31) – Sycamore growing in the shared drive at the front of 16 and 14 Beverley Road, South Cave


1404    Other Planning Matters

(i)The Committee received the report regarding Conference on Sustainable Communities and Community Land Trusts and considered the recommendations within the report. Cllr Wright proposed that the recommendations be accepted, seconded Cllr Mrs Barnett, vote: 9 in favour 1 abstention.


Meeting closed at 8:30pm