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Following Thursday’s Planning Meeting in which I, long with Cllr. Meredith and South Cave resident, addressed the Committee with our individual presentations I just thought I would give you an update.


I am pleased to say that our presentations lead to the vast majority of Councillors voting to refer the plan back for re consultation with Officers and Bellway. There was some confusion as to whether a revised plan would actually come back to Committee for scrutiny. However late Friday afternoon I have received confirmation from Head of Planning Mr. Hunt that the revised plan will be brought back to full Committee, so we will, as hoped, have a second opportunity to try to get it turned down if the changes still don’t meet enough of residents concerns.


I have also sent Mr. Hunt a copy of the key issues of my presentation before talks begin between the Planning Department and Bellway. The majority of these I feel are ‘Material Considerations’, of which will hopefully carry more weight in these matters:


  1. General over development of the site, which will not be in keeping with the much less dense neighbouring homes and The Stray estate. Residents would prefer to go back to the 115 homes plan and increase the open space back to the original 9,527m2.


  1. Because of the density  many of the  ‘Affordable homes’ are allocated with just one parking space with zero on street parking. Again an overall reduction in houses is needed….. or we could be creating undesirable properties for future generations.
  1. Street scene of the Eastern side of Little Wold Lane will be compromised by the plan to build 8 houses in the gap between the existing row of 8 bungalows. Should bungalows be considered here to match?   The amended plan now has 4 bungalows to address the residents in Middle Garth Drive, who back onto the site, so why not have bungalows along Little Wold Lane?
  1. Site access: Residents who live in this area know the blind T junction at Little Wold Lane onto Beverley Road is hazardous. Not just with cars but large Stoneledge tippers running to and from their quarry at Riplingham.
  2. Increased traffic as a result of the new site is felt unacceptable, without safety improvements to the junction like Traffic Lights, mini roundabout or change of priority perhaps? …Also has any traffic surveys been done for Beverley Rd to the Market Place junction where there already is peak time congestion?
  1. Destruction of the ancient central hedgerow has been highlighted by many residents is being allowed as the Council claim it is not protected. In current times residents feel greater consideration should be given to wildlife in these matters. Should this be made a condition to retain the hedgerow.
  1. Drainage and flooding. Whilst many are concerned about this…. We still await comments from the Lead Local Flood Authority. Concern here is that the driveways of 6 houses are going to be built over the drain in a culvert which may restrict the existing waterway and cause flooding.


  1. It has been suggested by some residents that if plan can’t refer back to having the access via Market Place then could  50% of the site be accessed by Market Place and 50% via Little Wold Lane be considered?
  1. The house designs are unimaginative and seem ‘run or the mill’ and are certainly not in keeping with the surrounding properties in this part of the Village.
  1. Finally …One other request is to consider residents of the Stray to have pedestrian and cycle access to Market Place through the Bellway site to help reduce the need to use a car to go to and from the shops and restaurants.A number of other points and details were covered in Mr. Meredith and Residents presentations and I am sure they will send you a copy of theirs on request.


Anyway lets see what kind of amended we get back.


No sure when this will be but the next EYRC Planning Meeting is on 12th September. If it comes up at this one I will actually be on holiday that week but I guess we could get prior notice to the plan well before this date so I can prepare a case for a colleague or  officer to read it our on my behalf.


Do let me know if you have any further questions.


In the meantime please feel free to circulate this news with any Councillors or residents, as I don’t have everyone’s email addresses.


Kindest Regards,


Cllr. Terry Gill.

Independent for Dale Ward

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