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On Thursday 8th August the East Riding’s Planning Committee voted to defer the Bellway Application for 135 houses on Little Wold Lane. Councillor Gill, a local resident acting as spokesman and I set out the position of the community as well as the many reasons this application was unacceptable. Some scathing comments from committee members echoed the sentiments displayed at both meetings hosted by the Parish Council and a motion to defer the application for further discussions was carried.

It is worth noting that an outright refusal would most likely have been appealed by the developer, and should this have been successful then permission would have been granted and the ability for the Council to implement conditions would have been lost. It is my hope that a forthcoming revision will address all the concerns residents have raised and be a welcome asset to the local area. If future proposals are similarly flawed however, and the Committee is minded to refuse them, this will inform an inspector at a possible appeal that a balance was sought but was unachievable.

The next meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee is scheduled for Thursday 12th September and there is a possibility a revised scheme could be submitted by then, however this is unlikely as the agenda must be published by September 5th. Should the alterations be minor then there will not be a public consultation but I will ensure the Parish is kept informed and provide as much time as is possible to allow for responses and comments. If the revisions constitute a significant change then the application will be treated as a new submission and a full consultation process will be undertaken.

The issues raised at the meeting were many and varied but can be summed up as follows. The primary concern was that of an overbearing nature as well as overshadowing surrounding properties and the inappropriate design considering the proximity of the conservation area. This was expanded upon by highlighting conflict with the Conservation Officers report and the comments about street scene and the impact on visual amenity. Comparisons with the proposed scheme and similar developments in areas such as Pocklington, Willerby and Beverley illustrated how out of character this proposal would be in a rural village; and the hugely detrimental impact on residential amenity this would have if passed. The loss of habitat as well as traffic and parking concerns were also significant issues raised by speakers and committee members alike.

I would like thank you all for your contributions and to urge you to continue as this has played a significant role in halting development so far. Should you have any points you wish to raise please contact either your local Ward or Parish Councillors and we will endeavour to keep the community informed and updated as events unfold.


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