Free CPR (Save a Life) Training for every South Cave Family – South Cave Sports Centre

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Free CPR (Save a Life) Training for every South Cave Family – South Cave Sports Centre

In June 2021, Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest while playing football for Denmark. Within seconds, Christian’s teammate, Simon Kjaer, was on hand to make sure his airway was unobstructed. Christian survived and Simon Kjaer has been recognised as a hero for his quick thinking and for his part in saving his friend’s life.

South Cave has a lot of heroes. We saw them leap into action when the Covid crisis hit and we see them in action almost every day when problems arise or neighbours are in distress.

Prompt attention leads to the best success rates for out of hospital cardiac arrests.

The more trained resources close to the patient the better the outcomes.

South Cave has a small team of highly trained volunteer First Responders, whose job is to get to patients and commence CPR until Ambulance Service Paramedics arrive. If one of your family or friends has a cardiac arrest, we attempt to get there within four or five minutes. However, as every second counts, we need your help to increase the chances of survival and quality of life afterwards.

Ideally, we would like to see at least one person in every family, household, street and business trained in CPR. Therefore we are offering free CPR training and awareness sessions to everyone in South Cave, to help people recognise the signs, feel confident about starting CPR, and knowing how to assist the First Responders and Paramedics when they arrive.

The training and awareness session takes just 1.5 hours and will give you the confidence to save a life, if someone you care about suddenly becomes very ill.

We plan to provide a session in the Sports Centre on Monday 10th January 2022 commencing 6:00p.m and plan to continue offering the sessions, until we run out of people to train. We may not get everyone involved but we can do our best.

If you or anyone in your family would like to come along, please contact the clerk to the Parish Council on 01430 421044 or email

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