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The Parish Council are working with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council in reviewing the floods which occurred 14th November 2019.

During the discussions it was noted the East Riding of Yorkshire Council hold limited resources by way of protection for individual properties, and due to the volume of locations affected by the floods in this incident, resources were stretched.

The Parish Council would like to assist residents in being proactive in protecting their own properties in the likely event of a future flood. Further information relating to how to protect your own properties can be located at

Please Note: The Parish Council do not endorse any supplier of items which are available to purchase in order to prevent flooding. However, ‘FloodSax’ sand-less sandbags are easily stored and hold back floodwater to protect homes and businesses and are also ideal at soaking up leaks and spills inside. Further information can be located at

If you think your property might be at risk from a future flood event, you might consider taking your own precautions rather than relying on East Riding Council, whose resources can be overwhelmed by demand. You can also register for flood warnings at

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