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The village of South Cave is approximately 14 miles west of Hull in East Yorkshire. The picturesque village is a place of historical interest, dating back to the 11th Century. The exact origins of its original name ‘Cave’ are unknown, but it is believed to have derived from the Anglican ‘caf’, meaning a fast-flowing stream.

The parish of South Cave has an irregular shape – extending from Weedley in the east to Broomfleet in the west, Drewton in the north and the Humber bank in the south. It covers some 2,361 hectares (5,834 acres).

At present there are around 1,761 dwellings in the town, with a population of around 4,500. There is one place of worship, All Saints Church. Other amenities include a GP and dental practice; mobile optician; pharmacist; post office and banking facilities; library; two public houses; several shops; two hotels; sports facilities; primary & pre school.

The Councillors

Andrew Rignall

36 Castle Rise

South Cave

HU15 2ET

Tel: 01430 266377




Darren Long

19 Newfield Lane
South Cave
HU15 2JW
Tel: 01430 426114

Linda Turner  – Vice Chair

21 Barnards Drive
South Cave
HU15 2HL
Tel: 01430 422064

Tony Edmond – Chair 

14 The Parklands
South Cave
HU15 2EL
Tel: 01430 424423

Graham Stephenson

Meadow View
Ellerker Lane, South Cave
HU15 2DZ
Tel: 01430 425148

Gareth Tudor Price

3 Church Hill
South Cave
HU15 2EU
Tel: 01430 425844

Jacqueline Mary Bateman

8 Castle Drive
South Cave
HU15 2ES
Tel: 01430 421373

James Thornham

4 Church Hill
South Cave
HU15 2EU
Tel: 01430 422226

Stephen Foley

26 Beverley Road 

South Cave 

HU15 2AU 
Tel: 07807365667

Eileen Barnett

The Old Plough

Main Street
HU15 2DH
01430 266548

Lyndsey Fielding

Tel: 01430 421044

East Riding of Yorkshire Councillors

Dale Ward

Terry Gill

 74 Spindlewood


HU15 1LL

01482 666924

Richard Meredith

Peggy Farrow House
Elloughton Dale
Elloughton, HU15 1QB
Tel: 07824 559448

Coleen Gill

 74 Spindlewood


HU15 1LL

01482 666924

Committees and representatives

(a)Finance & General Policy – Full Council

(b)Open Spaces – Cllrs Turner, Rignall, Tudor-Price,  Foley, Bateman, Edmond, Long & Barnett

(c) Technical Services – Cllrs Turner, Rignall, Tudor-Price, Foley, Bateman, Edmond, Long & Barnett

(d) ERNLLCA – Cllr Stephenson & Barnett

(e) South Cave Social & Rec. Committee – Cllrs Tudor-Price & Thornham

(f) S & E Barnard Trust – Cllrs Bateman & Barnett 

(g) Mrs Barnard’s Allotment Charity – Cllr Long

(h) Samuel Jobson’s Charity: 4 year term of office – Cllr Bateman & Clerk

(i) Police Liaison Representative – Cllr L. Turner & Rignall

(j) School Liaison Representative  – Cllr L. Turner

(k) Emergency Committee – Full Council

(l)Planning (including Conservation, Environment & Trees)- Full Council

The Chairman and Vice Chairman ex officio shall be members of every committee

Annual Accounts 2022 to 2023- conclusion notice

The Town Hall
40-42 Market Place
South Cave
East Yorkshire
HU15 2AT
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Monday: 9:00am - 4:30pm
Tuesday: 9:00am - 4:30pm
Wednesday: 9:00am - 4:30pm
Thursday: 9:00am - 4:30pm
Friday: 9:00am - 4:30pm
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: CLOSED
Clerk: Mrs Lyndsey Fielding
Mob: 07495 638552
Tel: 01430 421044
Email: clerk@southcavepc.gov.uk

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